Municipal Court

This judicial branch in the New Jersey court system has limited jurisdiction on the following areas:

• Traffic violations
• Municipal Ordinance offenses
• Disorderly conduct
• Domestic violence (restraining orders)

Traffic violations include:

• Speeding
• Reckless driving
• No insurance
• No license
• Running a stop sign/light
• Expired plates

Illegal matters pertaining to driving will significantly impact motor vehicle insurance rates and cause license suspension. Legal counsel will provide many benefits such as, your rights, ensure citation is valid, and engage the prosecutor to dismiss/reduce the charges.

There are criminal charges that are called offenses heard in Municipal Court.  Disorderly conduct and petty disorderly persons offenses carry the possibility of New Jersey State prison time and have a maximum jail sentence of 6 months for disorderly persons offenses and 90 days for petty disorderly persons offenses.  This time is spent in a County jail.  Defendants do not have the right to a jury trial for offenses, and a municipal court judge hears trials.

Time frames are different for each case “as well as” reaching a trial varies.  Municipal courts are instructed by the Supreme Court to dispose of DWI cases within 60 days.  DWI cases in New Jersey are high priority.  A case can be heard within 60 to 120 days.  Appeals in the Supreme Court can take 90 to 180 days in the Appellate Division and sometimes take as long as a year after being filed.  The Gray Firm is a protector of client’s rights and genuinely represents a client charged with DWI, to preserve the integrity of the process.