Personal Injury

This is a legal terminology for someone else’s negligent/wrongful actions.
Parties are liable for damages and recovery of:

• Impairment
• Loss of bodily member/functions
• Loss income
• Damaged or lost property
• Medical fees
• Lost profits
• Auto, truck, bus, train, aviation, pedestrian, motorcycle accidents
• Slips/falls
• Parks/playground
• School accidents
• Nursing home
• Home care

The list goes on, and that is why this firm is just a phone call away, to elaborate on the client’s story. There are legal limits on personal injury cases to initiate a lawsuit.  Competency in representation is crucial to recover what is legally yours.  Navarro Gray wants to hear your story. Personal injury cases are handled on contingency fee basis.  This means the client pays nothing unless there is a monetary recovery. The fees are fixed in the law and the client does not have to worry about reimbursement to the firm, if there is no recovery.